SHINee’s Jonghyun sent suicide note to Dear Cloud’s Nine9

The authorities have confirmed that Kim Jong Hyun, mononymously known as Jonghyun, did commit suicide on Dec. 18, Monday, in his apartment in Seoul, South Korea. While no suicide note was found, the late K-pop group SHINee member sent a letter to a friend containing his final words.

On Dec. 19, Tuesday, Jang Hee Yeon, who is professionally known as Nine9, took to Instagram to share a letter Jonghyun asked her to share to the public when he was gone. The main vocalist of the band Dear Cloud, which is managed by MYmusic Entertainment, is a close friend of the late K-pop star.

“I’m broken from the inside,” Jonghyun’s lengthy letter starts, as translated by Yonhap News. “The depression that has slowly nibbled me away has now devoured me, and I couldn’t overcome it.”

According to MYmusic Entertainment head Yoon Dong-hwan, it was not clear when it happened exactly, but when Jonghyun sent the letter to Nine9, it was immediately passed on to his family. Yoon told the publication that after Jonghyun’s death, they discussed whether or not to make the letter public and his family decided to reveal it.

Jonghyun ended the letter by emphasizing that he did work hard. He pointed out that it was even a miracle that he lasted this far and asked people not to blame him for his fate.

Nine9 noted that she had helped Jonghyun with his dark and deep thoughts. However, it only delayed his death and failed to prevent it, she said.

Meanwhile, here is the music video of “Beside You” by Dear Cloud:

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