‘Glory 51: Rotterdam’ fight card: Badr Hari vs Hesdy Gerges

Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges (Facebook/GLORY Kickboxing)

Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges (Facebook/GLORY Kickboxing)

Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges will headline “Glory 51: Rotterdam” on March 3, 2018 at Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands. The two Dutch kickboxers, who are both 33 years old, will battle it out in the heavyweight division.

Both born in the Netherlands, Hari and Gerges have trained under Thom Harinck. Hari is of Moroccan descent as his parents were originally from Kenitra, Morocco.

“My victories in the ring are not only for my family and friends but also for the people of Morocco,” Hari said in a statement released by Glory. “I have been to so many places in the world but nothing compares to the love I receive from the people of Morocco. They give me the power to keep pushing myself. I love them and I love Morocco.”

Currently, Hari holds a record of 106 wins, 11 losses and 1 draw. On the other hand, Gerges has 50 wins, 19 losses and 1 draw.

Prior to “Glory 51: Rotterdam,” Gerges challenged Hari, who was then the It’s Showtime Heavyweight World Champion, at “It’s Showtime 2010 Amsterdam” at the Amsterdam Arena on May 29, 2010. Hari originally won the fight but he was disqualified after kicking Gerges in the face so the latter was declared the winner.

Other fighters in the “Glory 51: Rotterdam” fight card have yet to be announced. Meanwhile, here is a video of Hari announcing his Glory return:

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