‘Love Yourself: Her’ by BTS, ‘Through the Night’ by IU win big at Golden Disc Awards 2018


Hosted by Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sung-kyung, Kang So-ra and Sung Si-kyung, Golden Disc Awards 2018 took place January 10-11, 2018 at the Korea International Exhibition Center in Ilsan, Seoul, South Korea. Here are the winners of the 32nd edition of the annual music awards ceremony:


  • Genie Music Popularity Award: EXO
  • CeCi Asia Icon Award: EXO, TWICE
  • Global Popularity Award: EXO
  • Rookie of the Year: Wanna One
  • Global Popular Artist: EXO



  • Best Rock Band: Hyukoh
  • Best New Artist: Wanna One
  • Best R&B/Soul: Suran
  • Best OST: “I Will Go to You like the First Snow” by Ailee for “Goblin”
  • Best Girl Group: GFRIEND
  • Best Boy Group: BTOB



  • Disc Daesang (Album of the Year): “Love Yourself: Her” by BTS
  • Bonsang:
  1. “The War” by EXO
  2. “Holiday Night” by Girls’ Generation
  3. “Flight Log: Arrival” by GOT7
  4. “Be Ordinary” by Hwang Chi Yeul
  5. “The Code” by MONSTA X
  6. “W, Here” by NU’EST W
  7. “Teen, Age” by SEVENTEEN
  8. “Play” by Super Junior
  9. “My Voice” by Taeyeon
  10. “Twicetagram” by TWICE


  • Digital Daesang (Song of the Year): “Through the Night” by IU
  • Bonsang:
  1. “Last Goodbye” by AKMU
  2. “Fxxk It” by BIGBANG
  3. “As If It’s Your Last” by BLACKPINK
  4. “Tell Me You Love Me” by Bolbbalgan4
  5. “Spring Day” by  BTS
  6. “You, Clouds, Rain” by Heize featuring Shin Yong-jae
  7. “Through the Night” by IU
  8. “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet
  9. “Knock Knock” by TWICE
  10. “Really Really” by WINNER
  11. “Like It” by Yoon Jong-shin

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