Ayala Land Pioneers healthy, active living with Vermosa Sports Hub

Vermosa Sports Hub

Vermosa Sports Hub

MANILA, Philippines — January 2018. Ayala Land continues to redefine suburban living through Vermosa, a master planned community that thrives in fueling one’s passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. With over 700-hectares, Vermosa is currently the fourth largest mixed-use estate of Ayala Land Inc. It will be home to 6,000 households that highlight the diverse living options with the presence of four of ALI’s residential brands, Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida and Amaia.

To complement the diverse lifestyles each brand offers, Vermosa is also set to debut the Vermosa Sports Hub. To back this up, the Vermosa Sports Hub will feature several groundbreaking firsts. It will be home to an Olympic-sized pool and an Oval Track follows International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) standards.

To complete the development is a Sports Science Laboratory. Vermosa Estate Head Jay Teodoro shared, “The Vermosa Sports Hub will be a perfect venue for professional triathletes and ordinary athletes who want to professionalize their training.”


The Sante Fitness Lab

In partnership with Sante International, known as one of the fastest growing global providers of organic health and wellness products and services, Vermosa Sports Hub will be home to the a 800-square meter Sante Fitness Lab. This partnership is geared towards creating an environment where people can hone their athletic skills, with a long-term objective of nurturing athletes who can be trained for international competitions, and in the future, bring home more medals and recognition for the country.

Sante is a company with a very strong involvement in wellness and sports and it supports its own triathlon team and operates a fitness center dedicated to enhance fitness and athletic performance..  Its dedication to health and wellness extends beyond its health and wellness products and services that it is renowned for.

Sante International Chief Executive Officer Joey Marcelo is an avid triathlete himself. His personal experience and drive is where the company’s passion for health and fitness emanates from.

“This passion is perfectly aligned with what we wanted to achieve in Vermosa, to create a modern community that promotes healthy and active living,” Teodoro said. Beyond national recognition and development of potential Olympians, the partnership is a tangible demonstration of two organizations taking a more active role in ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle for an increasingly sedentary generation.

“Sante Fitness Lab is also going to be a major leap in Philippine sports as the upcoming world-class center will feature a first-of-its-kind combination of facilities in the country,” Marcelo said, “We envision it to become a one-stop venue for people who are pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle whether they are into competitive sports or they are common individuals seeking to lead an active life.”

 The facility will feature a strength and conditioning fitness facility, sports rehab areas, a dance studio, a spinning class area, bike shop and services, a nutrition and fitness café, VO2 max/lactate testing, plus conference and lecture rooms. All these go hand in hand in creating a space especially primed for the driven and the determined.

 “Our new venture with Ayala Land will serve as an inspiration to other organizations to incorporate health and wellness into their course of doing business and contribute to their industry and the community,” Marcelo added. “The direction of Vermosa is to promote healthy and active living, which is very much aligned with Sante’s vision of becoming a global provider of premier wellness products and services and our mission of helping people live better lives.”


Verde + Mossa

Vermosa was coined from two Latin words, Verde and Mossa. Verde, meaning green, references the lush environment within the healthy, sustainable, and suburban living concept of the estate. Mossa, meaning movement, represents the active elements of the project. Combined, Vermosa represents a modern suburban community that promotes healthy and active living that stays true to its name.

With the goal of providing a premier training venue anchored on international standards, Vermosa Sports Hub is engineered to be a comprehensive one-stop training and lifestyle destination for everyone whether you’re a casual sports enthusiast seeking to indulge in a more active way of life, or a serious athlete in need of a venue that will support your dream. Teodoro shared, “One thing’s for sure, it’s engineered to be the home of those who choose to never settle for anything less.”

Vermosa is an estate by Ayala Land, the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates offering a diverse mix of quality residential and commercial developments that support local economic growth. Watch out for its sports hub’s official public opening in the first quarter of 2018.


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