ONE Championship’s Jomary Torres loved basketball

Jomary Torres

Jomary Torres

As a little kid, Jomary Torres suffered bullying, the abandonment from her parents, and the lack of any real role models. Despite these difficulties, she had a simple dream of becoming a basketball player when she was a young girl.

“I really wanted to play basketball,” the undefeated ONE Championship fighter from Zamboanga, Philippines recalled. “Most men play basketball in our country. Since it is like our national sport, I was fascinated by it.”

Having played basketball in fiestas and for her school, Torres thought that she could eventually find a way to make a career out of her hobby. But circumstances would not allow her to pursue that road.

Torres and her older brother were left under the care of their grandmother since they were infants. She revealed, “Instead of letting my grandmother work even more just to get me through college, I decided to stop going to school and find a job to help her out.”

Deprived of both parents, Torres still grew up to be a well-mannered lady as her grandmother filled the void left by their absence. Despite not having a stable business as a source of income, her grandmother found ways to provide, such as picking up extra work at a school cafeteria.

“My dad is in Zamboanga City, while my mom is in Basilan,” Torres detailed. “They each have their own families. Before, there was still anger in my heart because I did not know why they left, and why they broke up, but eventually, that anger disappeared.”

As a result of her circumstances, Torres was regularly picked on by some of her classmates at school, which left her with no other choice but to fight back. Years later, instead of pursuing a career as a basketball player, she became an undefeated ONE Championship fighter.

On January 26, 2018, Torres will face her fellow Filipina fighter April Osenio in an atomweight bout in the preliminary card of “ONE: Global Superheroes” at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Meanwhile, watch a clip featuring Torres and Rika “Tinydoll” Ishige here:

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