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Amir Khan’s journey from Muay Thai to ONE Championship

Amir Khan, Vaughn Donayre

Amir Khan, Vaughn Donayre

While having Tourette’s Syndrome, Amir Khan was a young boy when Muay Thai began to flow through his blood. At the tender age of 14, he competed in his first amateur contest.

After a few more bouts, Khan spent two months training in Thailand. This led him to consider turning professional.

Despite having a neurological disorder, Khan mastered Muay Thai, which demands steady hands and Zen-like concentration. He then transitioned to the constantly-evolving world of mixed martial arts and won his first four amateur bouts from 2012 to 2014 in Louisiana, United States.

“In martial arts, you cannot really take your eyes off your opponent when you are sparring with him,” Khan pointed out. “You have got to really focus, or else you will get hurt, so it definitely taught me how to focus, and I was able to bring it over into real-life situations.”

Khan honed his skills in the U.S. for nearly four years before returning to Singapore, aspiring to make himself a household name. Four years later, he is considered one of the most promising young talents to represent Singapore on the international stage of martial arts like ONE Championship.

Holding a professional record of 9-2, Khan is currently riding high on a six-match winning streak with his victories coming by way of exciting finish. On February 23, 2018, he will once again strut his wares on the global stage as he takes on Russian wrecking machine Timofey Nastyukhin at “ONE: Quest for Gold” at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar.

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