Team Lakay’s Crisanto Pitpitunge is first from Philippines to fight in Jordan

Crisanto Pitpitunge

Crisanto Pitpitunge

Jordan is set to host the 10th edition of Brave Combat Federation after the immense success of the 2017 Brave International Combat Week hosted in Bahrain. The promotion will create new milestones in Jordan as a massive lineup of nations will be represented by the competing fighters.

Among the 13 nations represented, the Philippines will be represented for the first time in Jordan soil with Brave CF. As the first fighter from the Philippines to fight in Jordan, Crisanto Pitpitunge will face Jalal Al Daaja at “Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises.”

The veteran from Team Lakay is also a  police officer and a former PXC bantamweight champion. On the other hand, Al Daaja is currently training at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand.

Al Daaja will have the hometown advantage as he is fighting before his countrymen in Jordan. He is coming out of a victory against the rising star from Team Lakay, Jeremy Pacatiw, at “Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions hosted” by Bahrain, which also witnessed the dominating championship victory by Team Lakay’s Stephen Loman.

“Yes, it is for the first time that the Philippines will be represented in Jordan,” Pitpitunge said. “First time images last, so I will make sure to it that there will be a good, clean and entertaining fight.”

“Mixed martial arts is like magic,” the Team Lakay fighter added. “It will change an individual to his best self and this is exactly what martial arts had done to my life. It is not just about learning to box, kick and grapple, but also about using your wisdom to define your future and to learn to control yourself.”

Respect and discipline are the most important things in MMA as they help individuals to progress, Pitpitunge pointed out. He said he would like to propagate these virtues to the next generation through his fighting career.

Pitpitunge is confident and has prepared intensely for “Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises.” The Team Lakay fighter said, “I am eager to step into the cage in Jordan and I wish my opponent good luck and hope that let us have a good and clean fight.”

Team Lakay had represented the Philippines in Bahrain, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and India through Brave CF. With Jordan as the latest milestone for the team, it is widening its scope and undeniable role in the Bahrain-based promotion.


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