Cebu’s Roel Rosauro to introduce Yaw-Yan on global stage

Roel Rosauro

Roel Rosauro

Hailing from Cebu, Philippines,  Roel “Akiyama” Rosauro, 29, finally gets his long-awaited break into the international scene after years of strutting his wares in the local ranks. The Filipino martial artist will make his promotional debut in ONE Championship on February 23, 2018 at “ONE: Quest for Gold.”

Rosauro is slated to square off with Chinese prospect Li Kai Wen in a three-round featherweight bout on the undercard of “ONE: Quest for Gold,” which takes place at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. The Filipino fighter stepped in as a replacement for compatriot Rodian Menchavez, who was forced to withdraw from his clash with Li at the aforementioned event due to an injury.

Following in the footsteps of Cary Bullos, Vaughn Donayre, Eugene Toquero and Jimmy Yabo, Rosauro is the fifth Cebuano to showcase his skills on Asia’s premier martial arts stage. Rosauro said, “I was shocked, but I’m very happy because this is what I have been dreaming of, to reach this level.”

“I have waited for this opportunity for so long,” Rosauro continued. “This is a dream come true for me to compete on one of the sport’s biggest stages. I will fight not only for myself but also for the pride of my country.”

Currently, Rosauro holds a professional record of 4-1. He is a practitioner of the Filipino martial arts discipline Yaw-Yan, which was derived from the last two syllables of sayaw ng kamatayan meaning dance of death.

Yaw-Yan is a Filipino style of kickboxing, which was developed by the late grandmaster Napoleon “Nap” Fernandez to specifically suit the smaller Filipino body frame. While it closely resembles Muay Thai, Yaw-Yan differs in the hip-torquing motion as well as the downward-cutting nature of its kicks with emphasis on delivering attacks from long range.


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