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Miss Multinational 2017 candidates to compete in India

Miss Multinational (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

Miss Multinational (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

After being postponed several times, the date of the Miss Multinational 2017-2018 coronation night has been made final. The inaugural beauty pageant will kick off on February 16, 2018 in India and will culminate on February 26, 2018 at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram where the winner will be crowned.

A city in the state of Haryana, Gurugram is a part of the National Capital Region of India and it has the third-highest per capita income in the country. Among the famous people born in the city is Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao.

Aside from the Miss Multinational 2017-2018 title, four other continental titles will be awarded. So far, here are the candidates that have been confirmed to participate in the beauty pageant:

  1. Miss Bangladesh Priota Iftekhar
  2. Miss Brazil Fernanda Cecilia
  3. Miss Germany Saskia Kuban
  4. Miss Ghana Anita Ofori
  5. Miss India Shefali Sharma
  6. Miss Indonesia Gita Fariska
  7. Miss Japan Ruri Chikuma
  8. Miss Kenya Anar Virji
  9. Miss Malaysia Gladys Seong
  10. Miss Myanmar August Moe
  11. Miss Nepal Nysa Christine
  12. Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron
  13. Miss Russia Marina Oreshkina
  14. Miss Serbia Maja Grubic
  15. Miss Slovakia Dominika Holomaniova
  16. Miss Spain Faten Ezzat
  17. Miss Tartastan Lebedinets Tatiana
  18. Miss Thailand Wichida Nuamsorn
  19. Miss USA Jonah Melody

Meanwhile, here is a short interview with the candidate from the Philippines:

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