Roel Rosauro to honor late Yaw-Yan Grandmaster Nap Fernandez

Roel Rosauro

Roel Rosauro

Roel “Akiyama” Rosauro, 29, will pay his respects to the late Napoleon “Nap” Fernandez by dedicating his international martial arts debut at “ONE: Quest for Gold” to Yaw-Yan’s deceased Grandmaster. In January 2018, Fernandez passed away at the age of 92.

“I wouldn’t be here at this point of my career if not for Yaw-Yan,” Rosauro said. “Grandmaster Nap paved the way for all of us. Now that I am part of ONE Championship, I will honor his great work and represent Yaw-Yan on the global stage with pride.”

Developed by Fernandez, Yaw-Yan is a Filipino style of kickboxing that specifically suits the smaller Filipino body frame and closely resembles Muay Thai. What makes Yaw-Yan different from Muay Thai is its hip-torquing motion along with the downward-cutting nature of its kicks with emphasis on delivering attacks from long range.

Rosauro sees his maiden appearance in ONE Championship as an opportunity to showcase Yaw-Yan in front of a worldwide audience. The live events of the organization are broadcasted to over 1.7-billion potential viewers across 136 countries.

“Yaw-Yan’s ultimate goal is to preserve, promote and continuously improve and further develop our very own Filipino martial arts,” Rosauro said. “As I make my debut in ONE Championship on February 23, I have the chance and honor to formally introduce Yaw-Yan to the world and showcase its strength and beauty.”

“ONE: Quest for Gold” will take place at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. On the undercard, Rosauro will battle it out with Li Kai Wen, 22, of China in the featherweight division.


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