Crisanto Pitpitunge thanks Brave CF, says Jalal Al Daaja is a tough fighter

Cristano Pitpitunge

Cristano Pitpitunge

On March 2, 2018, Crisanto Pitpitunge will make history as the first MMA fighter from the Philippines to fight in Jordan. He will face Jalal Al Daaja of Jordan in the bantamweight division at the 10th edition of Brave Combat Federation (Brave CF) titled “Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises” at the Prince Hamzah Sports Hall in Amman, Jordan.

“I appreciate Brave Combat Federation giving me this opportunity and the chance to represent the Philippines,” Pitpitunge added. When asked about his message for the fans of the sport in Jordan, he said, “Our days of hardship are the biggest motivation to keep on fighting.”

Hailing from Kapangan, Benguet, Philippines, Pitpitunge is a member of the famed Team Lakay of Baguio City. He has a Criminology degree and is currently serving as a police officer.

Pitpitunge feels that it is challenging for him to put up a great fight against Al Daaja in Jordan. What makes things more interesting is that the Jordanian fighter previously beat Pitpitunge’s fellow Team Lakay fighter Jeremy Pacatiw.

If not for revenge, Pitpitunge will put up a great fight to put up a great show. He said that while Al Daaja’s body frame is bigger than his, all that matters in a fight is landing kicks and punches.

Al Daaja is a worthy opponent and that pushes Pitpitunge to train harder. The Jordanian fighter, like his Filipino opponent, is a striker, something that the latter likes in an opponent.

To counter Al Daaja ‘s strength in striking, Pitpitunge intends to focus more on his ground game. Referring to his “Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises” opponent, Pitpitunge stated, “You’re a tough fighter. I’ll do my very best in this fight, so good luck. Let’s give the fans what they want.”

While Pitpitunge was the first Filipino fighter who was approached by Brave CF, his promotional debut was impeded by an injury during training. Get to know a little bit more about him here:


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