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PBA legend Alvin Patrimonio on hair transplant, MAXiM Hair Restoration

Mar Sabillo, John Ocampo, Alvin Patrimonio

Mar Sabillo, John Ocampo, Alvin Patrimonio

Established in New York City, MAXiM Hair Restoration is an international hair transplant clinic that opened in Manila in 2004. It is the recognized expert on hair transplantation and other solutions to balding.

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) legend and team manager Alvin Patrimonio is one of the clients who went to MAXiM to find a permanent solution for thinning hair. He said, “I was losing my hair so I took medicines and applied topical treatments but they didn’t work for me.”

“I heard about MAXiM, researched about it, then I visited their clinic,” Patrimonio recalled. He said MAXiM Director Mac Fadra, country manager Mar Sabillo and hair transplant plastic surgeon Dr. John Ocampo all explained the procedure to him.

Patrimonio admitted that he was really afraid of surgeries and during his playing years as a basketball player, he refused to undergo any surgery. He said, “But the people in MAXiM showed me how the procedure would go and showed me photos of their successful and happy clients, so I decided to give it a try.”

“Finally, I had the guts to have the hair transplant and now I’m glad that I did,” the Filipino basketball legend stated. “During the procedure, I was watching TV or playing with my cellphone. There was no discomfort at all. Afterwards, the post-surgery hair care routine was explained to me. It was easy and hassle-free, very easy to follow.”

“Now, seven months later, I am really happy with the results,” Patrimonio declared. “I no longer feel insecure when the TV cameras focus on me and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. The results are permanent and the hair on my head is all mine.”

Fadra noted that MAXiM is focused and super-specialized on hair restoration. He noted, “The center specializes in MEGA Sessions where patients can get 4,000 hair grafts in just one visit instead of multiple visits. Prices are affordable.”

MAXiM has 10 other centers worldwide in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Long Island, Newport Beach in California and Northern Virginia in the United States and Dubai and Manila in Asia that have serviced thousands of clients worldwide.

Mar Sabillo, Alvin Patrimonio, Mac Fadra, John Ocampo, Michelle Fio, Richelle Gapasin

Mar Sabillo, Alvin Patrimonio, Mac Fadra, John Ocampo, Michelle Fio, Richelle Gapasin

Patrimonio, Fadra, Sabillo and Ocampo, along with hair consultant Michelle Fio and client coordinator Richelle Gapasin met with the media at Fairmont Hotel Makati in Makati City, Metro Manila on February 20, 2018 to explain more about MAXiM Hair Restoration. Here is a video from the event:

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