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Daichi Takenaka remains undefeated, Dae Hwan Kim disqualified at ‘ONE: Quest for Gold’

Dae Hwan Kim, Daichi Takenaka (Facebook/Dae Hwan Kim)

Dae Hwan Kim, Daichi Takenaka (Facebook/Dae Hwan Kim)

Dae Hwan Kim, 31, of South Korea and Daichi Takenaka, 28, of Japan competed in bantamweight division at “ONE: Quest for Gold.” Their bout was the third match in the main card.

When the action started, Takenaka kicked Kim’s body. The Japanese fighter successfully went for a takedown but his Korean opponent popped back up.

At one point, Kim was standing while holding the weight of Takenaka. When the Korean fighter tried to shake his Japanese opponent off, it ended with a clash of heads.

It took a long while to see if Takenaka could recover. Eventually, referee Olivie Coste gave a Kim red card disqualification due to an illegal head spike, making Takenaka the winner.

This downgraded Kim’s record to 12 wins and 3 losses. Since his professional MMA debut in 2008, he only lost to Bibiano Fernandes, who is now the reigning ONE Bantamweight World Champion, Leandro Issa and now Takenaka.

On the other hand, Takenaka is still an undefeated fighter with 11 wins, 0 loss and 1 draw. “ONE: Quest for Gold” marked his ONE Championship debut.

Takenaka made his professional MMA debut on June 17, 2012. He won via unanimous decision against Shun Narita at “Rising On 12: The Moment of the Moment.”

In 2013, Takenaka’s fight against Takashi Maeda at “Shooto: Gig West 15” ended in majority draw. Before the year ended, Takenaka defeated Ryo Okada via unanimous decision at “Shooto: The Rookie Tournament Final 2013.”

From 2014 to 2016, Takenaka won eight bouts. His opponents were Kosuke Eda, Yuki Kanaumi, Fumiya Sasaki, Jun Doi, Chung Il Jeon, Shoko Sato, Takuya Ogura and Alan Philpott.

In 2017, Takenaka went on hiatus. It will not surprise ONE Championship fans if his next bout is a rematch with Kim.

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