ONE Championship to beat NFL as world’s largest sports media property?

ONE Championship (Facebook/ONE Championship)

ONE Championship (Facebook/ONE Championship)

Based in Singapore, ONE Championship was launched by Chatri Sityodtong and Victor Cui in 2011. In less than a decade, the mixed martial arts promotion became the largest sports media property in Asia.

But to be the largest sports media property in Asia is not enough for ONE Championship. Sityodtong envisions the promotion to become the largest sports media property in the world, a position currently held by the National Football League (NFL), which is headquartered in New York, United States.

“The NFL is the world’s largest right now with US $75-billion market value of the company, but it’s single-country sport addressing just 325-million people in a single country with no ability to transcend geography or transcend borders,” Sityodtong said. “But for us, martial arts is genuinely Asia’s greatest cultural treasure. It’s a part of our history, our culture.”

ONE Championship has been a celebration of Asia’s greatest cultural treasure, which is martial arts, Sityodtong pointed out. Along with martial arts are the values of integrity, honor, respect, humility, discipline, courage and compassion, he added.

“Right now we’re at 136 countries, but there are 194 countries globally so I want to eventually get to the 194 country footprint globally,” Sityodtong declared. “And I truly believe that ONE Championship can be the world’s largest sports media property.

One of the steps ONE Championship is taking to reach its goal to become the world’s largest sports media property is the launching of a new league called ONE Super Series. While the original format follows the traditional pure MMA pattern, the new league will feature the world’s greatest strikers from various disciplines.

From Sityodtong perspective, creating ONE Super Series is a very huge moment in the history of martial arts. With this new league, the promotion will invite the world’s greatest strikers from all arts of the martial arts that come from Asia including Muay Thai, lethwei, silat, karate, taekwondo, sambo, kung fu, sanda and wushu, among others.

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