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Power Mac Center collaborates with Brillante Mendoza, Shaira Luna to mentor young creative

Shaira Luna, Brillante Mendoza

Shaira Luna, Brillante Mendoza

Power Mac Center has always been all-out in supporting technology-assisted creative expression. Just recently, the premier Apple partner gathered young creatives, mostly photographers and videographers, in an event called “Lounge” to help them build connections in the industry, get to interact and learn first-hand from professionals like director Brillante Mendoza and Shaira Luna, and discover powerful devices to boost their craft.

In partnership with LaCie, a French brand of digital storage solutions, Power Mac Center was able to get Mendoza, an internationally acclaimed director, to talk about his experience in the film industry and give the young creatives tips in filmmaking. He told the audience, “I use several cameras on the set.”

“I use three to four cameras on the set,” Mendoza said adding that these are 4K cameras so the files are heavy. On the set, the director and his staff make sure that right after the shoot or even during the shoot, they transfer the files and LaCie is really very useful in that aspect.

An independent filmmaker through and through, Mendoza enjoys the full creative freedom to tell his story the way he wants to. His biggest challenge though was sourcing for funds so in order to secure his hard work, which is the film itself, he makes sure to invest in equipment that are reliable and provide him with complete peace of mind.

Meanwhile, for Luna’s part, she talked about what drives her to follow her passion in photography and how LaCie complements her on-the-go lifestyle and keeps her file transfer speedy and protected. The professional fashion and advertising photographer said, “I’m very thankful that I have LaCie to back me up.”

“I just have so many pictures if only you know,” added Luna, who loves being a photographer because it allows her to travel and meet a lot of people, especially creative minds she gets to work with in the process. “I’ve started organizing my Instagram into color themes because I just have that many photos.”

“Power Mac Center shares LaCie’s commitment to support the creative community,” Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez said. “More than anything, we provide solutions to the demands of the industry from creatives of today.”

An evening of fun, learning, and discovery, the “Lounge” event was meant to bring creatives together and “lounge” with industry movers to share/brew ideas. LaCie will continue to hold such pocket events for its new products this 2018.

Mikey Taylo, Ida Ong, Brillante Mendoza, Shaira Luna, Joey Alvarez

Mikey Taylo, Ida Ong, Brillante Mendoza, Shaira Luna, Joey Alvarez

LaCie is Seagate’s premium brand of world-class storage solutions designed for Mac users, photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users. Its products are available in Power Mac Center stores nationwide. For more information as well as updates on future events, follow @powermaccenter on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or YouTube.

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