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Miss Multinational Philippines 2017 Sophia Senoron on world peace

Sophia Senoron (Facebook/Sophia Senoron)

Sophia Senoron (Facebook/Sophia Senoron)

Earning the third highest score in Miss World Philippines 2017, Sophia Senoron, 17, won the Miss Multinational Philippines 2017 title. Currently, she is in India to represent the Philippines in the inaugural Miss Multinational 2017-2018.

The Miss Multinational 2017-2018 winner will be crowned at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, Haryana on February 26, 2018. Attending the coronation night to support Senoron is Miss World Philippines national director Arnold Vegafria.

On October 18, 2017 at Annabel’s restaurant in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Senoron attended the send-off party for Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann and Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017 Teresita Marquez, who eventually became and Reina Hispanoamericana 2017. During the event, I asked Senoron five random questions, one of which was about how world peace can be achieved.

“I think the best way to achieve world peace is through understanding,” Senoron said. “I think world peace, I think the best interpreter of world peace is when we’re able to understand the world. Why, why we’re not at peace?”

“I think that knowledge would be able to help us solve peace because you understand why people act the way that they are or if you put yourself in another person’s shoes, you understand why they, why they’re like that,” Senoron added. “And you are able to not treat it but things like, to be able to live with it and that brings peace.”

Senoron is a Financial Management student at San Beda University, a private Roman Catholic university run by the Benedictine monks in Mendiola, Manila, Philippines. For Miss Multinational 2017-2018, she received much support from Lehmann, Marquez and their other Miss World Philippines sisters Glyssa Leian Perez and Cynthia Thomalla.

At San Beda University, Senoron is a varsity debater. Watch how she answered my on-the-spot random questions here:


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