Christian Lee compares Kazunori Yokota to Koketsu Boku

Christian Lee, Koketsu Boku

Christian Lee, Koketsu Boku

After beating Koketsu Boku at “ONE: Warriors of the World” on December 9, 2017, Singaporean fighter Christian Lee will Kazunori Yokota of Japan at “ONE: Visions of Victory” on March 9, 2018 at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both Boku and Yokota are from Japan.

“I think Kazunori Yokota is a great match-up,” Lee stated. “He is a seasoned veteran, similar to Boku. I feel he is actually very similar to Boku.”

“He is not as threatening when you look at his record on paper,” Lee said of Yokota. “But he is fast, he is explosive, and I know when we get in there, he is going to be looking to take me out. I am not looking past him in any way, so I am going to go in there and take him out in the same fashion I did Boku.”

Lee admitted that taking the match with Yokota was a dangerous proposition, considering he feels that he is already close to a world title shot. However, it is not how Lee wants to approach his career because he believes that through great risk comes an even greater reward.

“A lot of other athletes would not have even taken this bout,” Lee said. “I could have sat and waited, and the title shot could have been mine, but that is just not the type of person I am.

For Lee, he is not going to just sit and wait for something to come so when the fight against Yokota was offered to him, he took it in a heartbeat. He concluded, “My thinking is if you want to be the best in the world, you are going to have to take out everyone anyway, so whoever they throw at you, you have to be prepared to face them and beat them.”

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Here is a short clip featuring Lee’s ONE Championship debut:

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