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Miss Intercontinental 2017 results: Puerto Rico’s Heilymar Rosario crowns Mexico’s Veronica Salas Vallejo

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Intercontinental 2017
  • Edition: 46th
  • Venue: SUNRISE Resorts and Cruises, Hurghada
  • Date: January 25, 2018
  • Number of contestants: 66



  • Miss Intercontinental 2016: Miss Puerto Rico Heilymar Rosario
  • First Runner-Up: Miss Sri Lanka Tracy de Zilva
  • Second Runner-Up: Miss Ghana Silvia Commodore
  • Third Runner-up: Miss Italy Fioriana Russo
  • Fourth Runner-up: Miss Venezuela Amal Karina Nemer





  • Miss Media Popularity: Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez
  • Best in National Costume: Miss India Priyanka Kumari

First Runner-up: Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez

    Second Runner-up: Miss Thailand Sarucha Nilchan

  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Denmark Grace Gardner
  • Miss Face of Beauty: Miss Poland Natalie Popis
  • Best Body: Miss Germany Dalila Jabri

  First Runner-up: Miss Colombia Lizeth Villanueva

Second Runner-up: Miss Paraguay Jessica Torres Martinez

  • Miss Photogenic: Miss Guadeloupe Marcie Monfret

    First Runner-up: Miss USA Raquel Basco


TOP 18

  1. Miss Australia Charlotte Allison Bruce
  2. Miss Brazil Amanda Cardoso
  3. Miss Colombia Lizeth Villanueva
  4. Miss Czech Republic Sarah Karolyiova
  5. Miss Dominican Republic Cristina Gieringer Castillo
  6. Miss Egypt Tahani Hassan
  7. Miss Hungary Flora Senanszky
  8. Miss Jamaica Sasha Henry
  9. Miss Japan Kumu Miko Miyamae
  10. Miss Korea Lee Su Jin
  11. Miss Malaysia Sanja Suri
  12. Miss Mexico Veronica Salas
  13. Miss Netherlands Cathelijne Heppenhuis
  14. Miss Nigeria Abigail Esther Ejike
  15. Miss Philippines Katara Rodriguez
  16. Miss Russia Natalya Naydenko
  17. Miss Serbia Bojana Bojanic
  18. Miss Vietnam Nguyen Dang



  • Miss Africa: Miss Nigeria Abigail Esther Ejike
  • Miss Asia and Oceania: Miss Philippines Katarina Rodriguez
  • Miss Europe: Miss Netherlands Kathelijne Heppehuis
  • Miss North America: Miss Mexico Veronica Salas Vallejo
  • Miss South America: Miss Brazil Amanda Cardoso



  • Fifth Runner-up: Miss Korea Lee Su Jin
  • Fourth Runner-Up: Miss Colombia Lizeth Villanueva
  • Third Runner-Up: Miss Brazil Amanda Cardoso
  • Second Runner-Up: Miss Netherlands Cathelijne Heppenhuis
  • First Runner-Up: Miss Philippines Katara Rodriguez
  • Miss Intercontinental 2017: Miss Mexico Veronica Salas Vallejo
Veronica Salas Vallejo (Facebook/Miss Intercontinental)

Veronica Salas Vallejo (Facebook/Miss Intercontinental)


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