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Miss Multinational 2017 results: First queen crowned in India

Miss Multinational (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

Miss Multinational (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Multinational 2017
  • Edition: 1st
  • Venue: Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Date: February 26, 2018
  • Number of contestants: 13


  1. Varun Katyal
  2. Neeleshwari Basak


  1. Miss Bangladesh Priota Iftekhar
  2. Miss Brazil Alana Carter
  3. Miss Germany Saskia Kuban
  4. Miss Ghana Yeboaa
  5. Miss India Shefali Sharma
  6. Miss Indonesia Gita Fariska
  7. Miss Japan Ruri Chikuma
  8. Miss Malaysia Gladys Seong
  9. Miss Myanmar August Moe
  10. Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron
  11. Miss Serbia Maja Grubic
  12. Miss Slovakia Dominika Holomaniova
  13. Miss Thailand Pang Foon
  14. Miss USA Jonah Melody


  • Miss Environment: Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron
  • Best Speech: Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron
  • Best in National Costume: Miss Indonesia Gita Fariska 
  • Best in Swimsuit: Miss Myanmar August Moe


(in order of announcement)

  1. Miss Japan Ruri Chikuma
  2. Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron
  3. Miss India Shefali Sharma
  4. Miss Germany Saskia Kuban
  5. Miss Thailand Pang Foon


  • Second Runner-Up: Miss India Shefali Sharma
  • First Runner-Up: Miss Germany Saskia Kuban
  • Miss Multinational 2017:  Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron


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