Miss Multinational 2017 top 10 predictions

Owned by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Miss Multinational 2017 is an inaugural beauty pageant. On February 17, 2018, the new international contest started with a launch party at Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar in New Delhi, India.

The coronation night of Miss Multinational 2017 will take place at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram on February 26, 2018. Home to Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao, Gugugram is in the state of Haryana and is part of the National Capital Region of India.

Along with the Miss Multinational 2017 title, four other continental titles will be awarded. Here are the 10 candidates we believe will make it to the top:

10. Miss Multinational Japan Ruri Chikuma

9. Miss Multinational Myanmar August Moe

8. Miss Multinational Malaysia Gladys Seong

7. Miss Multinational Bangladesh Priota Iftekhar

Priota Iftekhar (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

Priota Iftekhar (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

6. Miss Multinational Slovakia Dominika Holomaniova

Dominika Holomaniova (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

Dominika Holomaniova (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

5. Miss Multinational Brazil Fernanda Cecilia

Fernanda Cecilia (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

Fernanda Cecilia (Facebook/Miss Multinational)

4. Miss Multinational India Shefali Sharma

3. Miss Multinational Thailand Pang Foon

2. Miss Multinational USA Jonah Melody

1. Miss Multinational Philippines Sophia Senoron

Watch a question-and-answer session with Senoron here:

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