Sotir Kichukov: I’m still in high spirits

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After spending 13 months away from ONE Championship, Sotir Kichukov, 27, of Bulgaria made his return in January 2018 at “ONE: Global Superheroes” in Manila, Philippines, but he yielded to Chinese prospect Ma Hao Bin. On March 9, 2018, Kichukov will return to the ONE Championship cage facing Danny “The King” Kingad at “ONE: Visions of Victory.”

Kichukov treats his cage meeting with Kingad as a fresh start, expressing his determination to place himself back on the winning track. The Bulgarian fighter said, ““It’s back to square one for me, but I am still in high spirits.”

“This bout might act as my doorway to new and greater things in my professional career,” Kichukov stressed. “Surely, I am not losing hope.”

“I have to be worried about not being worried about anything, and just go forward and show my skills,” Kichukov added. “I wish to enjoy myself, to go there and enjoy the day with a free mind, and just showcase myself.”

Standing opposite a former world title challenger in Kingad, Kichukov bared that he is more focused on implementing his own strategy and imposing his will. The Bulgarian fighter pointed out, “I have improved my ground game a lot.”

“I have great cardio, I can go forward, I can go backwards, and I can wrestle,” Kichukov said. “I can do everything. I am ready.”

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, Kichukov remains optimistic that he could pull off the upset against Kingad at “ONE: Visions of Victory.” He said, “Anything can happen in a fight. My focus is on my opponent. I am doing everything to get the victory.”

Now based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the Bulgarian journeyman is a certified finisher with a killer instinct. A whopping 77 percent of his career victories have come by spectacular finish, and he is determined to elevate that ratio even higher.

Meanwhile, here is a clip of Kichukov and Ma’s bout at “ONE: Global Superheroes”:

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