ONE Championship star Shannon Wiratchai explains why showmanship is important

Shannon Wiratchai

Shannon Wiratchai

March 19, 2018, Bangkok Thailand: Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai, 29, has become a fan favorite with his thrilling martial arts style and entertaining walkouts. While he keeps his fans on the edge of their seats with his stirring panache, he knows all about the importance of showmanship.

Entertaining and dramatic pre-bout performances have helped Wiratchai win countless fans in Thailand and around the world. He usually references pop culture rooted with deep meaning.

“The walkout is the first thing people see,” Wiratchai said. “It gets the hype up. They want to see the fight, and they will get into the fight easier because you have done this.”

Growing up, Wiratchai watched professional wrestling and idolized Japanese martial artist Genki Sudo. Before becoming a ONE Championship fighter, he had always imagined making grand entrances for his walks to the cage.

Most competitors treat an entrance as just a necessary part of the bout process. On the other hand, it was a primary concern for Wiratchai.

“I think the walkout is a good way to get the hype up for the people watching,” Wiratchai explained. “If you are a fan, you know the fighters and their backgrounds.”

Wiratchai is known for his flair in and out of the cage. He is looking to bring more of his exhilarating brand of martial arts in his upcoming bout.

“I’m always working on my whole skill set,” Wiratchai stated. “I want to show everyone what Thai fighters can do. I just don’t want to win the fight. I also want to make a clean and beautiful game to educate and motivate the fans who are watching me.”

After falling short against Russian lightweight Rasul Yakhyaev in December 2017, Wiratchai seeks to re-enter the winner’s circle. He will face Singapore-based Indian newcomer Rahul Raju at “ONE: Iron Will” at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on March 24, 2018.

“ONE: Iron Will” will be headlined by two ONE Championship champions, Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes of Brazil and Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen of Vietnam. Here is the trailer:

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