DIY power bank by Filipino teen can power appliances on-the-go

Angelo Casimiro

Angelo Casimiro

We rely heavily on our gadgets these days. Almost everyone has a power bank for those times when you don’t have access to a power source to charge your phone.

What if your power bank was supersized that it can actually power home appliances? Imagine going on a summer vacation and be able to charge your phone through many cycles without running out of juice.

In case you missed it, Angelo Casimiro, an Electronics and Communications Engineering student from the Philippines and the person behind the YouTube channel TechBuilder, created a DIY power bank that’s powerful enough to run appliances such as TVs, lamps and electric fans. What’s even better is that it can also be configured for charging via solar panel.

A tinkerer since he was a child, Angelo’s been making inventions and sharing tutorials on how to make them in his YouTube channel. He made global headlines in 2016 when he made a working life-size BB-8 droid from household materials.

Made from three USB powerbanks, a DC-to-AC converter, rectifier diodes, two 3-Cell Balanced Lithium Ion Charger modules, wood, contact cement, and tape, Angelo’s DIY power bank is stored with enough power to support various home appliances to even doubling the battery life of his Lenovo Legion Y520, which is a huge feat since gaming laptops consume so much power.

The AC outlet power bank is Angelo’s first invention in partnership with Lenovo. Together with leading global technology brand Lenovo, Angelo shared the full tutorial on his channel. Watch it here:

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