‘Star’ actress Jude Demorest: Long live King Amiyah!

Jude Demorest, Amiyah Scott (Facebook/Jude Demorest)

Jude Demorest, Amiyah Scott (Facebook/Jude Demorest)

On March 28, 2018, “Star” Season 2 returned with its 10th episode titled “Rise from the Ashes.” On the same day, the Fox series lead actress Jude Demorest took to Twitter to pay tribute to her co-star Amiyah Scott.

“long live King Amiyah!” Demorest tweeted. While Demorest play the title character Star Davis in “Star,” Scott plays Cotton Brown, the transgender daughter of Carlotta Renee Brown (Queen Latifah).

In “Rise from the Ashes,” viewers found out that Cotton survived the attack of Omari (Justin Marcel McManus). Also, Jahlil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) managed to live through the cocaine overdose.

However, Karen (Imani Lewis), the girlfriend of Simone Davis (Brittany O’Grady) died in the fire that caused severe damage to Carlotta’s salon. Simone felt guilty because it was her who suggested Karen to sleep at the salon while she has not found a permanent home.

While Cotton survived, she has to deal with her former boyfriend who commands her to do what he tells her, otherwise, he will kill her remaining friends and loved ones. Cotton should be alarmed because Omari already killed Elliot (Jack J. Yang).

“Rise from the Ashes” was written by Tom Donaghy and Robert Munic. The episode was directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

In real life, Scott is a transgender actress who was originally set to join the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” However, she dropped out of taping and joined “Star,” which marked her acting debut.

“Star” was created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghty. Joining Demorest, Scott, Latifah, McManus, Bratt, Lewis and O’Grady in the cast are Ryan Destiny as Alex Crane, Quincy Brown as Derek Jones, Miss Lawrence as Miss Bruce, Luke James as Noah Brooks, Michael Michele as Ayanna Floyd, Stephen Dorff as Brody Dean, Keke Palmer as Gigi Nixon, Lenny Kravitz as Roland Crane and Naomi Campbell as Rose Spencer-Crane, among others.

Here is a clip from “Star” Season 2 episode 10:

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