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ONE Championship’s Dr. Warren Wang: Athlete health, safety is top priority

Dr. Darren Wang

Dr. Warren Wang

As martial arts continues to introduce revolutionary developments in its rapid evolution over the last few years, safety for athletes has become even more paramount to the sustainability of the sport. When Dr. Warren Wang came on board ONE Championship as Vice President of Medical Services, the renowned physician saw plenty of opportunities to improve upon the promotion’s medical practices.

“It’s about making the sport safer for all participants,” Dr. Wang said. “Martial arts is a full contact sport, and athletes are its most important components. Whenever we have an opportunity to make the sport safer for athletes, we have to explore every possibility.”

An experienced physician in the field of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Wang has over 10 years of knowledge and practice under his belt. He explained that weight-cutting by dehydration is one of the most unsafe practices that has plagued combat sports, such as boxing, and at ONE Championship, safety is their top priority.

When it comes to martial arts, Dr. Wang knows a thing or two. Based in Taiwan, he helped bring martial arts to mainstream public consciousness with his work as Founder of the Taiwan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy and Tournament Director of the Taiwan BJJ Open.

One of the major revolutions in ONE Championship’s safety procedures is the complete ban of weight-cutting by dehydration. Dr. Wang was part of the team that revolutionized ONE Championship’s weigh-in program a couple of years ago and today, athletes are happier, healthier, and, most importantly, safer in competition.

“It’s developments such as this that is the future of martial arts,” Dr. Wang noted. “I am proud of my team and what we have accomplished. My dream is for this to catch on with other organizations.”

Dr. Wang joined ONE Championship in 2015. He has been with the company since 2014 under a different capacity.

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