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5 tips for a simple yet elegant tablescape

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, an anniversary, or any kind of event that includes a meal, you will need a spacious ground or venue that is big enough to accommodate the number of invited guests.

For such a big event, it is usual for the host to look for a place to rent. If you are planning an event under the open sky, then you will need to look for a garden with big lawn. If you are planning an indoor event, then you will need to rent an indoor venue e.g. a big hall.

Weather it is a garden event or an indoor venue, rental of these places usually do not include furniture. You will have to get your chair and table rentals from specialists that provide such services or you can hire an event planner to take charge of the whole event. If you are on a tight budget, and would prefer to take it upon yourself to plan the event, here are 5 simple tips to come up with an elegant tablescape to impress your guests.


Every event needs a theme for the tablescape and all other components to centre upon. If you have decided on a vintage theme, then everything will somehow flow or tie with the vintage party décor. You could add in an antique mirror or an antique long table with an old fashioned lace table runner.


You can use the beautiful silver vase handed down from your grandma as a centre piece, or something such as a ceramic pottery to hold the flowers or candles.


Choosing the types, colours, and flower arrangement is important to flow with the vintage theme. Retro colour from orange to yellowish-browns to off-white to blues are making a comeback.


It is claimed that odd numbers are the way to go, whether it is candles or other decorative items on your table.


Small glass vases with a single flower in each vase as an anchor for seating place card with the name of your guest written on it and have these vases lined down the length of the table in front of each plate. These vases are gifts for your guest to take home.

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