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30 most beautiful Miss Supranational 2018 candidates on Instagram

Miss Supranational 2018

They want to be the successor of Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim of South Korea. They are beautiful. They confidently flaunt their beauty on Instagram. Here are the 30 most beautiful Miss Supranational 2018 candidates with a personal public Instagram account:


30. Miss Supranational Namibia 2018 Ndilyowike Haipinge


29. Miss Supranational England 2018 Romy Simpkins


28. Miss Supranational Russia 2018 Guzaliya Izmailova


27. Miss Supranational Myanmar 2018 Minh Tu Nguyen


26. Miss Supranational Netherlands 2018 Kelly van den Dungen


25. Miss Supranational Slovenia 2018 Mersedes Viler 


24. Miss Supranational Italy 2018 Rose Fariello


23. Miss Supranational Lebanon 2018 Natalie Macdisi


22. Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2018 Jana Siskova


21. Miss Supranational Moldova 2018 Nicoleta Caun


20. Miss Supranational Turkey 2018 Roda Irmak


19. Miss Supranational Guatemala 2018 Stephanie Ogaldez

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Off to Poland 🔜🇮🇩 #misssupranational

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18. Miss Supranational Kenya 2018 Ivy Marani


17. Miss Supranational Switzerland 2018 Thaina Vieira


16. Miss Supranational Mexico 2018 Diana Romero 


15. Miss Supranational Croatia 2018 Tihana Babij


14. Miss Supranational Australia 2018 Maddison-Clare Sloane


13. Miss Supranational Myanmar 2018 Shwe Eain Si


12. Miss Supranational Albania 2018 Alba Bajrami


11. Miss Supranational Japan 2018 Yurika Nakamoto


10. Miss Supranational New Zealand 2018 Johannah Prasad


9. Miss Supranational Indonesia 2018 Wilda Octaviana Situngkir 


8. Miss Supranational India 2018 Aditi Hundia 


7. Miss Supranational Brazil 2018 Barbara Reis


6. Miss Supranational Philippines 2018 Jehza Mae Huelar 


5. Miss Supranational Pakistan 2018 Anzhelika Tahir 


4. Miss Supranational Canada 2018 Alyssa Boston


3. Miss Supranational Belarus 2018 Margarita Martynova


2. Miss Supranational Venezuela 2018 Nariman Cristina Battikha Yanyi 


1. Miss Supranational Rwanda 2018 Tina Uwase 

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