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Miss World 2018 results: Manushi Chhillar of India crowns Vanessa Ponce in Sanya, China


  • Beauty Pageant: Miss World 2018
  • Edition: 68th
  • Venue: Sanya City Arena, Sanya City, China
  • Date: December 8, 2018
  • Number of contestants: 118
  • Presenters: Barney Walsh, Megan Young, Angela Chow, Fernando Allende, Stephanie del Valle
  • Performers: Dimash Kudaibergen, Donel Mangena


  • 2nd runner-up: Stephanie Hill (England)
  • 1st runner-up: Andrea Meza (Mexico)
  • Miss World 2017: Manushi Chhillar (India)


  • Miss World 1988 Linda Petursdottir
  • Miss World 1991 Ninibeth Leal
  • Andrew Minnerick
  • Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss
  • New Silk Road director of education Ji Xiao Mei
  • Wendy Tuck
  • New Silk Road CEO David Lee
  • Miss World CEO Julia Morley (Chairman)
  • Arnold Vegafria
  • Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova
  • Mike Dickson
  • Miss World New Zealand 2015 Deborah Lambie
  • Donna Darby



Fast-Track Competition Winners

Head-to-Head Challenge Winners

TOP 30

  1. Maeva Coucke (France) *Top Model 
  2. Kanako Date (Japan) *Talent
  3. Marisa Butler (United States) *Sports
  4. Shrinkhala Khatiwada (Nepal) *Beauty with a Purpose, *Multimedia
  5. Murielle Ravina (Mauritius) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  6. Veruska Ljubisavlevic (Venezuela) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  7. Jannatul Ferdous (Bangladesh) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  8. Anahi Hormazabal (Chile) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  9. Larissa Ping Liew (Malaysia) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  10. Anukreethy Vas (India) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  11. Vanessa Peh (Singapore) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  12. Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  13. Vanessa Ponce (Mexico) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  14. Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda) *Head-to-Head Challenge
  15. Peirui Mao (China)
  16. Reihana Koteka-Wiki (Cook Islands)
  17. Maria Vasilevich (Belarus)
  18. Angeline Flor Pua (Belgium)
  19. Katharine Walker (Northern Ireland)
  20. Natalya Stroeva (Russia)
  21. Linzi McLelland (Scotland)
  22. Anita Ukah (Nigeria)
  23. Thulisa Keyi (South Africa)
  24. Solaris Barba (Panama)
  25. Ashley Lashley (Barbados)
  26. Kadijah Robinson (Jamaica)
  27. Larissa Segarel (Martinique)
  28. Jessica Tyson (New Zealand)
  29. Alya Nurshabrina (Indonesia)
  30. Vy Tran (Vietnam)

TOP 12


  1. Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda)
  2. Murielle Ravina (Mauritius)


  1. Vanessa Ponce (Mexico)
  2. Solaris Barba (Panama)

Asia and Oceania

  1. Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand)
  2. Shrinkhala Khatiwada (Nepal)
  3. Jessica Tyson (New Zealand)


  1. Kadijah Robinson (Jamaica)
  2. Larissa Segarel (Martinique)


  1. Maria Vasilevich (Belarus)
  2. Maeva Coucke (France)
  3. Linzi McLelland (Scotland)

TOP 5 Continental Queens of Beauty

  • Miss World Africa 2018 Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda)
  • Miss World Americas 2018 Vanessa Ponce (Mexico) *replaced by Solaris Barba (Panama)
  • Miss Asia and Oceania 2018 Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand)
  • Miss World Caribbean Kadijah Robinson (Jamaica)
  • Miss World Europe Maria Vasilevich (Belarus)

TOP 3 People’s Choice

  1. Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand)
  2. Vanessa Ponce (Mexico)
  3. Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda)


  • First Runner-up: Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand)
  • Miss World 2018: Vanessa Ponce (Mexico)

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