Raffy Tulfo: Rodrigo Duterte inspired ‘Wanted sa Radyo’

“Wanted sa Radyo” was inspired by Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, 73, according to the Filipino public affairs show’s main host Raffy Tulfo, 58. According to the host, the show was patterned to Duterte’s advocacy against crimes even when he was still a mayor of Davao City.

It was a complaint from singer and actress Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva, 50, who is professionally known as Mystica, that made Tulfo talk about the inspiration behind “Wanted sa Radyo.” During the live episode of the show aired on December 5, 2018, she complained against Niño Barzaga, who is a supporter of Duterte.

Due to the allegations that Mystica is a drug addict, Tulfo told her she would help her only if she passed a drug test. The next day, it was revealed that she passed the test so he would give her the help she was asking for.

Mystica once went viral after posting a video of herself criticizing Duterte. She has since apologized but apparently, Barzaga was still not happy about what she did against the Filipino president.

Using social media, Mystica is recently asking the help of Filipino celebrities to help her book projects. Barzaga took the opportunity and contacted her, telling her that he would give her a project.

However, there was really no project, according to Mystica. Barzaga just used their communication to humiliate her on social media.

Tulfo promised to help Mystica and warned Barzaga that he would face several charges. The “Wanted sa Radyo” host went on warn those who claim to be a supporter of Duterte and use the name of the Filipino president to hurt or harm other people.

Recently, Mystica appeared on the Filipino long-running series “Ang Probinsiyano,” which stars award-winning actor and director Rodel Nacianceno, 37, who is professionally known as Coco Martin. Her appearance on the show did not last long so she is reaching out to other celebrities to help her book new acting projects.

Meanwhile, watch the most recent episode of “Wanted sa Radyo” here:

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