30 Miss Universe 2018 early favorites: Andrea Toscano, Catriona Gray, Angela Ponce

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We have seen them and read about them on social media. We have watched them exhibit their respective national costumes.

The Miss Universe 2018 coronation night is five days away and beauty pageant fans are letting each other know who they are rooting for. I painstakingly checked their lists of favorites and I must admit, many of the lists are very different from mine.

However, there are several Miss Universe 2018 candidates who repeatedly appear in the lists of predictions and early favorites. Disregarding who I root for and who I think will win, I listed and ranked the 30 women most beauty pageant experts and fans want to win the Miss Universe 2018 crown:

  1. Miss Mexico Andrea Toscano
  2. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray
  3. Miss Spain Angela Ponce
  4. Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutierrez
  5. Miss Brazil Mayra Dias
  6. Miss Colombia Valeria Morales
  7. Miss India Nehal Chudasama
  8. Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal
  9. Miss Thailand Sophida Kanchanarin
  10. Miss USA Sara Rose Summers
  11. Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green
  12. Miss Australia Francesca Hung
  13. Miss Ecuador Virginia Limongi
  14. Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie
  15. Miss Canada Marta Stepien
  16. Miss Japan Yuumi Kato
  17. Miss France Eva Colas
  18. Miss Great Britain Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
  19. Miss El Salvador Marisela De Montecristo
  20. Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal
  21. Miss Panama Rosa Iveth Montezuma
  22. Miss Indonesia Sonia Fergina Citra
  23. Miss Ecuador Virginia Limongi Silva
  24. Miss Lebanon Maya Reiady
  25. Miss Albania Trejsi Sejdini
  26. Miss Russia Yulia Polyachikhina
  27. Miss Jamaica Emily Maddison
  28. Miss Aruba Kimberly Julsing
  29. Miss Malta Francesca Mifsud
  30. Miss Angola Ana Liliana Avião

Currently, USA has the most Miss Universe crowns with eight titleholders followed by Venezuela with seven, Puerto Rico with five and the Philippines and Sweden with three. There are 12 countries with two crowns each namely South Africa, France, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Finland and Brazil.

On December 10, 2018, the 94 Miss Universe 2018 candidates walked the runway in a very exciting national costumes show in Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand. Watch it here:

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