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Miss Universe 2018 second runner-up Sthefany Gutierrez’s answers transcript

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Universe 2018
  • Edition: 67th
  • Venue: IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Date: December 17, 2018
  • Number of contestants: 94
  • Hosts: Steve Harvey, Ashley Graham
  • Commentators: Carson Kressley, Lu Sierra
  • Performer: Ne-Yo


  1. Liliana Gil Valletta
  2. Janaye Ingram
  3. Monique Lhuillier
  4. Michelle McLean
  5. Iman Oubou
  6. Bui Simon
  7. Richelle Singson-Michael

TOP 5 

  1. Kiara Ortega (Puerto Rico)
  2. H’Hen Nie (Vietnam)
  3. Catriona Gray (Philippines)
  4. Tamaryn Green (South Africa)
  5. Sthefany Gutierrez (Venezuela)

Question: What would you say to someone who believes that pageants are archaic and against the feminist movement?

Sthefany Gutierrez: Nowadays, we live in an era in which we have advanced greatly. Beauty pageants are not just about beauty. They are about sensitivity and about having a heart. In beauty pageants, we can show that women like me can achieve any dreams that we may have in the world.


  1. Catriona Gray (Philippines)
  2. Tamaryn Green (South Africa)
  3. Sthefany Gutierrez (Venezuela)

Question: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life, and how would you apply it to your time as Miss Universe?

Sthefany Gutierrez: I grew up in a family filled with women and each one of them taught me something very important. But what I always remembered is that by working hard and chasing for our dreams and by having courage and strength and willingness to achieve these dreams, we can achieve anything we want in this lifetime. And tonight, I am proving this. I am here at Miss Universe.


  • Second Runner-Up: Sthefany Gutierrez (Venezuela)
  • First Runner-Up: Tamaryn Green (South Africa)
  • Miss Universe 2018: Catriona Gray (Philippines)

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