Is Joaquin Montes’s father a policeman or a doctor?

Philippine National Police

Rumors claim that the father of Ateneo Junior High School student Joaquin Montes is a high-ranking police officer named Joaquin Montes Sr. while others claim that he is a doctor. The Philippine National Police has released a statement in response to the rumors.

On December 20, 2018, the teenager, who is a taekwondo practitioner, became the most discussed topic in the Philippines after videos of himself bullying other students went viral. On December 23, 2018, Ateneo de Manila University released a statement revealing that its junior high school student involved in the bullying controversy has been dismissed.

The PNP checked whether or not the teenage bully’s father’s name exists in its Personnel Accounting Information System (PAIS) and Record Management Division (RMD). These two offices are under the Directorate for Personnel Records Management (DPRM).

“FYI: As per verification to PAIS, RMD, DPRM, there is no PNP member (former, current or AWOL) Joaquin Montes Sr. which is supposedly the father of (the teenager) involved in the Ateneo Bullying incident,” PNP Spokesperson Chief Supt. Benigno Durana said in a statement obtained by the Philippine Inquirer. “(According to) initial information from Ateneo community, Joaquin Sr. is in the medical profession.”

No other information about the teenage bully’s father was divulged. Photos of the family have been circulating the internet and the parents have yet to release a statement.

More and more fake Facebook accounts of the teenage bully and his parents are being created since the controversy. Unfortunately, many gullible Filipinos are falling for these hoaxes, which make them hate the family even more.

Many Filipinos are pointing their fingers at both Ateneo de Manila University and the teenager’s parents. The school is accused of turning a blind eye and taking action only after the bullying videos spread like wildfire on the internet.

Others are blaming the parents for their inability to raise their son well. Actor and politician Monsour del Rosario, who is a taekwondo veteran, has strong words for the parents.


Here is PNP chief Oscar Albayalde denying rumors about the teenage bully’s father:

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