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Philippines’ Kimi Mugford named Miss Multinational Asia 2018 in India

Representing the Philippines, Kimi Mugford won the Miss Multinational Asia 2018 in New Delhi, India on January 21, 2019. It was one of the four continental titles given during the international beauty pageant.

Mugford was awarded two special awards prior to the announcement of the quarter-finalists. She was Best in Sports and Best in Talent.

In the question and answer portion for the Top 9, Mugford was asked what she thought was the biggest problem and what would be the solution to it. She replied, “I think the biggest issue or conflict that the world is facing today is the lack of education.”

“I have many advocacies,” Mugford added. “I know in beauty pageants you are supposed to have one big topic that you could focus on; however, throughout my journey of joining beauty pageants, I’ve always shifted from different advocacies. I’ve done this because I have many causes that I truly believe in. However, education has always been my number one.”

“The reason why I say this is because the world is facing so many different issues globally, you know,” the Philippine representative continued. “Even in the developing countries, you can contrast it with the first-world countries, all issues are led because of the lack of (understanding or) misunderstanding, the lack of education, the lack of knowledge on the situation so I believe, if everyone were capable or given the opportunity to have the power of education, educating themselves in any manner, it would solve any world issue. Thank you.”

After the Top 9, Mugford made it to the Top 5 along with Daniela Neto of the United States, Grecia Bitchachi of Venezuela, Tania Mauricio of Mexico and Nihed Markria of Algeria. The semi-finalists were given a common question for the last round of question and answer portion which was, “If you win Miss Multinational tonight, what would be that one issue that you would like to address to which you feel is affecting the world adversely?”

First, Mugford repeated that she has several advocacies and pointed out promoting sustainable tourism and the environment. She explained, “The Philippines has been a developing country for a long time now and in the past few years, we’ve seen drastic changes in the environment.”

“Although we’re still working on the pollution and environmental issues, today, we… such as the issues that has happened in Boracay, if you’re not familiar with that, that’s actually a very famous island in the Philippines that suffered from, you know, lack of rejuvenation, so the island was actually closed down for six months and it was rejuvenated and now, the Philippines has come back from issues like that and I am proud to stand here as a Filipino talking about El Nido, which is an island in the province of Palawan, that is actually the most sustainable touristic country or place in the entire world,” Mugford added. “I wanted to talk about environment, the environment specifically for this question because during my journey here at Miss Multinational, one of our biggest advocacies was develop… sustainable development and we were actually so fortunate to visit a school that was so big on this advocacy and so I think the biggest issue that we’re suffering today from my knowledge that I’ve learned through the sustainable development course that we took would be the environment.”

“We’re working on those 17 sustainable development goals to overcome so many different issues such as poverty, no hunger that we face in the world today,” the Filipino beauty queen added. “So actually, this was created by the EU and we did a full lesson on it and I think it is something we should be raising awareness on to solve most of our conflicts if not all conflicts in the world today. Thank you so much.”

In the end, the Miss Multinational 2018 title was given to Neto, who simply said depression is one issue that she would like to address to which she felt was affecting the world adversely. Mauricio and Markria were first and second runners-up, respectively.

Neto was crowned by Miss Multinational 2017 Sophia Senoron. Representing the Philippines, the latter was crowned on February 24, 2018 in Guguram, New Delhi.

Based in India, Glamanand Entertainment is the owner of Miss Multinational. Senoron was the inaugural winner of the beauty pageant.

Watch question and answer portions of the quarter-finals and semi-finals of Miss Multinational 2018 here:

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