13 most handsome Mister International 2019 candidates on Instagram

The 13th edition of Mister International will take place at One Esplanade in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on February 24, 2019. Here are the 13 most handsome candidates with a public Instagram account:


13. Mister International South Korea 2019 Hwang Dae-woong


12. Mister International Netherlands 2019 Claudio Schoorstra


11. Mister International Australia 2019 Harrison Hans Luna


10. Mister International Vietnam 2019 Trịnh Văn Bảo


9. Mister International Czech Republic 2019 Jiří Kmoníček


8. Mister International Thailand 2019 Nick Nolte


7. Mister International Sri Lanka 2019 Amandha Amarasekara


6. Mister International Nepal 2019 Prashant Jung Shah


5. Mister International Japan 2019 Tsuyoshi Takimura


4. Mister International Panama 2019 Juan Ángel Barragán Gaviria 


3. Mister International Lebanon 2019 Mohamad Taha


2. Mister International Spain 2019 Jesús Collado


1. Mister International Venezuela 2019 Francesco Piscitelli

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  1. Good luck to the representatives of Venezuela, the United States, Brazil, China, Australia and Russia at Mr. International 2019! I hope that the next contest will be joined by handsome men from the Central African Republic, Guyana, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


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