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Santé celebrates 11 years, stronger than steel

Joey Marcelo

Joey Marcelo

Santé, a leading global producer of certified organic barley products, recently held its 11th year anniversary titled “Salvo 2019: Stronger than Steel” at the Dusit Thani Manila in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The event gathered thousands of Santé business owners, business partners and stakeholders from the country and from Africa and Europe.

According to Santé CEO Joey Marcelo, 2019 will be an exciting year for Santé as it continues to build a strong foundation for its business owners as well as its growing presence globally. The theme of this year’s celebration revolves around the story of how the company came to be the global premier health and wellness provider that it is today amidst all the challenges and obstacles faced by the business.

Steel has been widely used as a foundation of construction sites and of the building industries. It represents Santé as a business built upon hard work, strong character and a solid community tested through time.

“Last year was the 10th-anniversary celebration of Santé and it proved to be a fruitful time for us,” Marcelo said. “This year, we hope to continue to impart the value of health and wellness to people across the world all while helping our business owners grow and thrive.”

Among the highlights of the fun-filled event is the conferment of awards and incentives to Santé Year-End Travel Galore Promo Qualifiers, Top Hall of Famer of the Year, Car allowance Qualifiers and Santé Extreme Incentive, among others. Also present during the event were Santé Barley brand ambassador Kim Atienza, automotive journalist and events host James Deakin and vocal group The Company who wowed the crowd through their performance as well as Santé executives including chief distribution officer Paul Caluag, chief product officer Minette Carag, chief financial officer Eric Maranan and Santé New Zealand managing director Peter Hope.

A producer and a distribution company of organic wellness products, Santé offers products that do not have synthetic, harmful ingredients while serving as a mounting venue for entrepreneurs. Among its flagship products is Santė Barley, a supplement made out of 100 percent young barley grass that is grown in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand and is certified organic by BioGro.

Barley grass powder is very potent to fight free radicals that can cause damage to health. Here is Atienza discussing the Sante Barley solution:

To know more about Santé, its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit their official FB Page at or their website at

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