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2019 Apayao congressman, governor, vice governor, board members election results

2019 Apayao election results

Voters in Apayao elected their new congressman, governor, vice governor and board members during the 2019 Philippine national general election on May 13, 2019. Here are the official results from the Commission on Election (COMELEC):

Updated: May 15, 2019 (2:00 p.m. Manila time)

Election returns transmitted: 152 of 152 clustered precincts (100% complete)


  • Elias Bulut Jr: 45,630


  • Eleanor Bulut-Begtang: 45,343

Vice Governor

  • Remy Albano: 36,619

Apayao 1st Provincial District Board Member

  1. Iying Agnas: 15,947
  2. Tolentino Mangalao: 15,320
  3. Ton Ton Talimbatog: 13,983
  4. Shirley Romero: 13,962

Apayao 2nd Provincial District Board Member

  1. Myla Ballesteros: 17,910
  2. Emiliano Galleon: 16,756
  3. McLeen Julian: 15,950
  4. Elmer Molina: 15,521



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