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2019 Valenzuela City congressmen, mayor, vice mayor, councilors election results

2019 Valenzuela election results

As part of the 2019 Philippine national general elections, voters in Valenzuela City elected their new congressmen, mayor, vice mayor and councilors. Here are the partial and unofficial results from the Commission on Election (COMELEC):

Updated: May 14, 2019 (9:46 a.m. Manila time)

Election returns transmitted: 427 of 428 clustered precincts (99.76% complete)

Valenzuela City 1st District Congressman

  • Wes Gatchalian: 119,372

Valenzuela City 2nd District Congressman

  • Eric Martinez: 106,848
  • Magi Gunigundo: 37,935


  • Rex Gatchalian: 248,911
  • Bong Go: 6,226
  • Bien Espanol: 2,284

Vice Mayor

  • Lorie Natividad-Borja: 225,559

Valenzuela City 1st District Councilors

  1. Rovin Feliciano:
  2. Ricar Enriquez:
  3. Ramon Encarnacion:
  4. Jenny Pingree:
  5. Ghogo Lee:
  6. Bimbo dela Cruz:

Valenzuela City 2nd District Councilors

  1. Charee Pineda:
  2. Kim Galang:
  3. Tyson Sy:
  4. Nina Lopez:
  5. Louie Nolasco:
  6. Chiqui Carreon:

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