[PHOTOS] Jake Cuenca, Kris Bernal star in Bell Films’ political action-thriller ‘KontrAdiksyon’

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After over 23 years, film outfit Bell Films is ready to make a comeback with a new film titled “KontrAdiksyon.” It is a political action thriller starring Jake Cuenca, Kris Bernal, Ritz Azul, Katrina Halili and Arnold Reyes, among others.

Directed by two-time Palanca award winning writer-director Njel de Mesa, “KontrAdiksyon” is set to be an intense, in-depth, critical, and edge-of-your-seat look on the Philippines’ current drug war. The director is a co-writer of the award-winning film “Respeto.”

The story of “KontrAdiksyon” follows Alexis Borlaza (Cuenca), a human rights activist who gets imprisoned and framed for the murder of his entire family by meth-addicts. As he tries to find justice for his family, he becomes an informant and asset to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Alexis doubles as a vigilante trying to solve the murders and eradicate the drug problem on his own unbeknownst to his PDEA directors Yvonne Acosta (Halili) and Paul Fuentes (Reyes). While on the run, Cuenca’s character encounters Jessica Puyat, (Bernal) a call-center agent moonlighting as a drug peddler to make ends meet for her family and together, they are involved in a cat-and-mouse chase across Metro Manila and get entangled in the complications and contradictions of the war on drugs.

Azul plays Corin, the wife of Alexis. Also in the “KontrAdiksyon” cast are Elizabeth Oropesa, Paolo Paraiso, Will Devaughn, Dennis Padilla, Jojo Alejar, Jong Cuenco, Odette Khan, Patty Tiu, Toffee Santos, Kenny Santos and Mimi Juareza.

Coming off of the Philippines’ midterm elections, “KontrAdiksyon” is a very timely film that aims to sheds light on what is arguably the most striking issue in the country, the war on drugs. The film shows a complex take on this matter, making Filipino audiences aware of the various aspects and opposing views surrounding the country.

Be part of the next big conversation as “KontrAdiksyon” hits Philippine cinemas on June 26, 2019. Watch the trailer here:


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