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Quick Q&A with England’s Jack Heslewood at Mr. World 2019 press conference

Conan Altatis, Jack Heslewood

Conan Altatis, Jack Heslewood

On August 8, 2019, I put Jack Heslewood, 27, of England to a quick question-and-answer test at the Mr. World 2019 press conference at Novotel in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Here is the full transcript:

Conan Altatis: What is your biggest regret in life?

Jack Heslewood: That’s a very tough question. I would say… I wouldn’t have one example of something that I regretted but I think it takes a few years to really… really love yourself. I think you can, you can already have the natural personality to love others and I think sometimes you can… sometimes, you’re gonna be too caught up in being overly self-critical and you forget to actually love yourself. You really must love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then how are other people expected to love you? So I’d say to my younger self, make sure you just appreciate who you are because you’re incredible, so…and that’s what I’d say to everybody to ask themselves is that you can work on.. you can work on things, you can work on, you know, how you take things for granted, and how you should really appreciate everything and that sometimes when.. when things are really doing good in your life, it’s a… you need to make the most of that time because it might… it might end and the next thing that comes along will also be great. But good things come a finite amount of time if they, if they are around so… That’s a very, very tough question.

CA: If someone visits England for the first time, where should they go first and why?

JH: Okay, so you land in London. You swing by Tottenham Court road in London. You meet me there. We take a troll around London. Then what happens is we jump on at Victoria. We get the bus. Now we take a bus up to the north of England. Then we take a troll around there, see whales and then if we have time, we’ll go to Scotland and I’ll show you.

CA: Women are fighting for women empowerment now. Do you think men should also fight for men empowerment?

JH: Listen, it’s the… It is the responsibility of absolutely everybody so it’s not a… the problem itself wouldn’t be solved by only one party of people or one segment of people to tackle on their own. It’s something that every single person needs to embody including the people that have been victims of that themselves probably more so than the rest of those people. So absolutely it is the responsibility of everybody.

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