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RedDoorz app, hotels and 6 escape ideas in the Philippines


Men and women who travel often are less likely to get heart disease, according to the still ongoing Framingham Heart Study. It also found that because travel relieves stress, it improves mental health, boosts the immune system and promotes fitness.

Among the things that made travelling easy these days are the affordable hotels with quality accommodations courtesy of RedDoorz, which has more than 150 properties in more than 10 cities all over the Philippines. The RedDoorz travel app, which is downloadable from the Apple store or Google Play Store, puts staycations or out of town trips literally at one’s fingertips.

Escape anytime and find an affordable RedDoorz hotel from north to south. Here are six escape ideas:

Do a staycation.

Treat the family to a fun weekend or just disappear for a day or two watching streamed movies all day. Choose from boutique hotels, inns, apartels or condotels that are part of the RedDoorz partner chain.

It will not cost much. But the experience is priceless.

Go out of town.

It is easy to book a room using the RedDoorz app and find the desired accommodation in Baguio, Pampanga, Metro Manila, Tagaytay, Palawan, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod or  Davao. Just leave the world behind even for just a weekend even for just a day.

Try a couple getaway.

The pressure of work and the day to day grind of housekeeping can really be straining. Grab some time off with a special someone for some peace and quiet and rediscover the joy of each other’s company.

Claim that reward. 

A promotion at work and an examination passed deserve a reward. Celebrate accomplishments, big or small.

Effortless travel is one of the best gifts employees and students can give themselves. A weekend in Palawan or Davao would be a really good choice.

Celebrate a special occasion.

Blow birthday candles in the private cocoon of a RedDoorz hotel room. Toast one another on a special anniversary.

Invent holidays and celebrate the victory of a winning team. It all feels extra good when one does not have to wash the dishes.

Get some Me Time.

Ultimately, the most important person is one’s self. Discover the fun and adventure of solo travel and feel relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.

In August 2019, RedDoorz released its biggest sale ever with 499 pesos per night on rooms anywhere in the Philippines until August 31, 2019. Paint the town red in any RedDoorz town in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, here is short video from RedDoorz:

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