Muay Thai or boxing? Iranian-Australian fighter Misagh Norouzi switches, trains with Bobby Mayne

Bobby Mayne, Misagh Norouzi

Bobby Mayne, Misagh Norouzi

From Muay Thai, Iranian-Australian fighter Misagh Norouzi, 22, is transitioning to boxing. He is expected to make his professional boxing debut in late 2019 or early 2020.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Norouzi is now based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. He has been training in Muay Thai since he was 18 and he now holds a professional Muay Thai record of 6 wins and 2 losses.

Within the first year of training, Norouzi competed five times. He appeared inside the ring once in March 2016 and was expected to switch to boxing in August 2016 but the circumstances forced the plan change.

After two years of layoff, Norouzi returned to action in 2018 and fought twice in Muay Thai. Here is one of the bouts:

To transition from Muay Thai to boxing, Norouzi started his training with prominent boxing trainer Bobby Mayne. Over the years, the latter has coached, built and helped prepare champions in Australia and other countries.

“I have only been training Misagh for just over a month now,” Mayne shared. “It is a difficult transition from Muay Thai to boxing but he can see the difference between the two sports.”

“It is all babysteps taking things slowly,” Mayne continued. “With much repetition will become more natural.”

For Norouzi, the difference between Muay Thai and boxing that shocked him was how perfect boxers punch. He shared, “I never thought of it.”

“Even I thought I could punch like them,” Norouzi continued. “We all punch. But it’s completely different punching style.”

According to Norouzi, Mayne brakes everything down to him and repeats it until it sinks in. The training does not condone mediocrity, according to the young fighter.

“There is no such thing as ‘That’s an okay punch,’” Norouzi said. “It has to be perfect.”

So far, the training has been an exciting experience for both although Mayne did not really know too much about Norouzi aside from a couple of his Muay Thai fights that he had watched. According to the trainer, Muay Thai and boxing are not the same.

“Two sports are very different,” Mayne pointed out. “Certain things needed slight changes, such as his stance and footwork, as he no longer needs to worry about checking an opponent’s kicks or grappling.”

“Boxing requires more footwork for attacking and defensive maneuvers and using his jab not only to score on an opponent but also in finding range to setup power punches, and closing off range to punch in combinations,” Mayne continued. “I like the tough mindset of a Muay Thai fighter but to succeed in boxing a fighter must have a ring IQ, not putting all their effort and energy into every strike and wear punishment. The aim of boxing is to hit and not get hit.”

Mayne said they are not in a hurry to get Norouzi in the ring for sparring just yet, let alone competing. The trainer explained, “The next stage will be applying what he has been taught so far in sparring.”

“This will indicate what he is confident with and which skills require extra attention,” Mayne continued. “I think it is fair to say Misagh will be ready for his first pro boxing fight towards the end of 2019 if there are any boxing promotions scheduled. If not, then it will be early 2020.”

Meanwhile, here is another clip featuring Norouzi:

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