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Mr. World 2019: England’s Jack Heslewood, Netherlands’ Ashley Peternella, Indonesia’s Radityo Senoputro, Nigeria’s Nelson Enwerem, Tonga’s Mikaele Ahomana are Top 5 talent finalists

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The Top 5 finalists of the talent competition of Mister World 2019 have been announced. The winner of the fast-track event will automatically advance to the Top 12 semi-finals.

From the 72 candidates of Mr. World 2019, the five talent finalists are Jack Heslewood, 27, of England, Ashley Peternella, 27, of the Netherlands, Radityo Senoputro, 21, of Indonesia, Nelson Enwerem, 23, of Nigeria and Mikaele Ahomana, 24, of Tonga. They will perform in front of a live audience at a Mr. World charity gala dinner on August 21, 2019.

Peternella exhibited fancy footwork Latin dance moves while Enwerem performed a graceful contemporary dance. Senoputro performed sleight-of-hand-magic tricks.

Hesleweod entertained the audience with his impressive drumming skills. Tonga sang an amazing rendition of the country song “Bless the Broken Road.”

Ashley Peternella

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Peternella is a dancer, a television presenter and a social media manager. He was born on June 27, 1992 in Oranjestad, Aruba and he speaks Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamento.

Jack Heslewood

Hailing from Hertfordshire, England, Heslewood is an aerospace engineer. He earned his degree in Aerospace Engineer from Kingston University in Kingston upon Thames, London, England and he speaks English, basic French and Bahasa.

Radityo Senoputro

Born in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, Senoputro spent some years in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia when he was young before moving to Bandung, West Java, Indonesia where he grew up. He speaks, Bahasa, English and a little Japanese.

Nelson Enwerem

Enwerem is a fashion designer and a model with a bachelor’s degree in Pure Physics. He hails from Calabar, Nigeria.

Mikaele Ahomana

While Ahomana was born in Tonga, he grew up in Aotearoa, New Zealand. He currently works as a machine operator and a forklift driver and he speaks Tongan and English.

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