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Mr. World 2019: 20 candidates with the best body

The 72 Mr. World 2019 candidates walked the runway wearing men’s summer wear from Bench in one of the pre-pageant events. While strutting their stuff, they exhibited not only their confident walks and pretty faces but also their beautiful physiques, which are products of their discipline, intensive workouts and healthy diets.

No Best Body award was given during the event. This is why we are paying tribute to the candidates with the best physique.

We are using the photos taken from the Bench fashion event but we also checked their social media photos. Here is our list of 20 Mr. World 2019 candidates with the best body:

#20. Leonardo Díaz Alincastro (Argentina)

#19. Manoj Suranga de Silva (Sri Lanka)

#18. Mohamed Kamanoh (Sierra Leone)

#17. Prince Nelson Enwerem (Nigeria)

#16. Kenta Nagai (Japan)

#15. Daniel Torres Moreno (Spain)

#14. Fezile Mkhize (South Africa)

#13. Alexandre Curpanen (Mauritius)

#12. Joselayt Ebana Miko (Equitorial Guinea)

#11. David Pivaral (El Salvador)

#10. Jakub Krauś (Czech Republic)

#9. Vishnu Raj Menon (India)

#8. Alberto Nodale (Austria)

#7. Cula Budi (Kenya)

#6. Jean-Paul Bitar (Lebanon)

#5. Makala Nganda Courtez (Cameroon)

#4. Marco d’Elia (Italy)

#3. Denis Khadyko (Russia)

#2. Jorge Núñez (Venezuela)

#1. Pascoal Jorge André (Angola)

This was ranked by Jillianina Estevez, Erica Diaz Mendoza Lao and Conan Altatis. Here are more photos of Mr. World 2019 candidates:

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