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Mr. World 2019 Jack Heslewood: Women empowerment is everyone’s responsibility

Jack Heslewood

Jack Heslewood

Women empowerment is something both men and women should fight for. In the effort to achieve gender equality, everyone must be involved, according to reigning Mister World 2019 Jack Heslewood, 27, of Hertfordshire, England.

“It is the responsibility of absolutely everybody,” Heslewood said of the fight for women’s rights in a quick interview on August 8, 2019. He was crowned Mr. World 2019 on August 23, 2019.

The problem involving oppression cannot be solved the oppressed ones alone. It is important to have everyone involved, Heslewood implied.

“The problem itself wouldn’t be solved by only one party of people or one segment of people to tackle on their own,” Heslewood pointed out. “It’s something that every single person needs to embody including the people that have been victims of that themselves probably more so than the rest of those people. So absolutely it is the responsibility of everybody.”

While it is unfair to compare what men and women experience when it comes to gender inequality, it is wrong to say that men are not victims, too. Participating in beauty pageants, for example, whether as a spectator or as a contestant is not considered masculine by many.

That is exactly the crux of the problem. The society assigned gender to practically everything.

Beauty pageants and fashion are generally considered female. Mixed martial arts and basketball are seen as male.

But it is time to break these social constructs, one social construct at a time. It is also time to erase the wrong notion that beauty pageant contestants are usually people who are good-looking but not very smart.

Heslewood is the best person to prove this wrong. He used to work as a rocket scientist for Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group at the Cambridge International Airport in Cambridgeshire, England.

At the age of 21, Heslewood earned his degree in Aerospace Engineer from Kingston University in Kingston upon Thames, London, England. The former rocket scientist wants to invent new technologies to enable a better world someday.

The newly crowned Mr. World 2019 speaks English, basic French and Bahasa. Get some more words of wisdom from him here:

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