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Viral bully Angelika Tumang’s friends, victims plus other people involved

Nickole Gamboa, Angelika Tumang, Michaela Catacutan, Winang Sultan, Abby Calara, Honey Faye Catanghal

Nickole Gamboa, Angelika Tumang, Michaela Catacutan, Winang Sultan, Abby Calara, Honey Faye Catanghal

The bully: Angelika Tumang

She is 15 years old and raised by her grandmother. He is a member of the small group of teenage rascals called Smoking Area Group.

The bully’s mother: Eilyn Joy Tumang

She revealed that Angelika is living with her grandmother.

The viral victim: Francesca Natalie Malinao

She is only 13 years old. In September 2018, she was physically attacked by Angelika in a restroom of Jenra Grand Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines in September 2018.

The viral victim’s mother: Prancela Malinao

She was frustrated that the school and the local government could not help her get justice for her daughter so she asked the help of the popular show “Wanted Sa Radyo.”

The savior: Raffy Tulfo

He made a pledge to do everything to give Angelika the punishment she deserved and get justice for all of her victims.

The videographer: Jerrick Corpuz

A member of the Smoking Area Group, he obeyed Angelika when she asked her to use her phone to record how she attacked Francesca in a Jenra Mall restroom. The video went viral. He denied being a member of the Smoking Area Group and made an appeal to become a state witness.

The boyfriend: Nickole Soriano Gamboa

His Facebook account is used by Angelika to contact girls and those who respond can be set up and become the next victims. He was outside the restroom when Angelika was attacking Francesca.

The friends, other Smoking Area Group members:

  • Ivan Christian Ibe Layug
  • Winang Sultan: a pregnant teenager
  • Honey Faye Catanghal
  • Michaela Catacutan
  • Abby Calara
  • Ivy Cyrylle Bautista
  • Johnloyd M. Paguio: He appeared in the viral video showing show Angelika attacked Francesca and did not stop the attack.

The school: Francisco G. Nepomuceno Memorial High School

Angelika, Gamboa, Francesca and most of the members of the Smoking Area Group went to this school, which is located at Citicenter, Pandan, Angeles City, Pampanga. Founded in October 1992 as Angeles City High School-Pandan, it was declared as a newly established school by the late Raul Roco, a former senator and Department of Education secretary.

The mall: Jenra Grand Mall

It is located at Santo Rosario Street in Angeles City. It is one of the longest-running malls and one of the largest shopping centers in the city.

The church: Newgen Church

Angelika, Gamboa, Francesca and other members of the Smoking Area Group attended this church, which is located at the Jenra Mall. Among the pastors there are Lorenz Dimalanta, Malou Dimalanta and Jamel Coleto.

The other victims

  • Charisse Cruz: attacked by Catanghal and Sultan
  • Irene Termulo Lacson’s daughter: attacked by Tumang

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