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Mr. World 2019 Jack Heslewood on life regrets, loving yourself, appreciating everything

Jack Heslewood

Jack Heslewood

If reigning Mister World 2019 Jack Heslewood, 27, of Hertfordshire, England could go back in time, he would remind his younger self about how incredible he is. The importance of self-love is something the former rocket scientist wants to tell everyone.

On August 8, 2019, more than two weeks before the Mr. World 2019 coronation night, I asked Heslewood some beauty pageant questions. One was the cliched question, “What is your biggest regret in life?”

Heslewood did not cite one example of something that he regretted. Instead, he gave a message about the danger of being self-critical.

For the Hertfordshire native, it takes a few years to really love yourself while you can already have the natural personality to love others. He said, “Sometimes, you’re gonna be too caught up in being overly self-critical and you forget to actually love yourself.”

“You really must love yourself,” Heslewood continued. “If you don’t love yourself, then how are other people expected to love you? So I’d say to my younger self, ‘Make sure you just appreciate who you are because you’re incredible.'”

One advice Heslewood wants to give other people is to consider the things they take for granted. He put emphasis on the importance of appreciating everything.

“Sometimes, when.. when things are really doing good in your life, it’s a… you need to make the most of that time because it might… it might end and the next thing that comes along will also be great,” Heslewood explained. “But good things come a finite amount of time if they, if they are around so…”

For sure, Heslewood appreciates his recent victory as Mr. World 2019 besting 71 other men from around the world and he is enjoying every minute of it. But his reign is not short as he is expected to crown his successor in 2022.

Here is my quick question-and-answer session with Heslweood:

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