Bea Alonzo is chilling after Julia Barretto speaks about Gerald Anderson, Joshua Garcia again

Bea Alonzo is taking one day at a time. On August 27, 2019, she took to Instagram to share to her fans, family and friends how she appreciates the fact that she is loved abundantly.

The Instagram post was three days after Julia Barretto spoke yet again about the controversy involving her, Alonzo, Gerald Anderson and Joshua Garcia. It was all peaceful back then when Alonzo and Anderson were in a relationship and so were Barretto and Garcia.

Then Barretto and Garcia broke up. According to rumors, Anderson was the cause of the breakup.

What made matters worse was when Anderson declared that he was no longer in a relationship with Alonzo, who thought she was still his girlfriend. She eventually accepted the fact that the relationship was over.

But the controversies and rumors were not over. Barretto and Anderson were photographed seemingly sweet together when they attended the birthday party of their fellow actor Rayver Cruz.

Supporters of Alonzo were infuriated and accused Barretto of stealing Anderson from her. On August 6, 2019, Barretto took to Instagram to clear her name.

Barretto already explained that she did not cause the breakup of Alonzo and Anderson. Also, Barretto emphasized that her breakup with Garcia was mutual and Anderson had nothing to do with it.

But it appears that the explanation was not enough. In a recent interview with MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN, she reiterated the same things; that she did not cause the breakup between Anderson did not cause her breakup with Garcia and she did not cause the breakup between Alonzo and Anderson.

Here is Felipe’s interview with Barretto:

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