How Beko Philippines’ washer WMY101440LB1 sanitizes clothes effectively

Beko Philippines

Beko Philippines advocates for healthy living through the technologies installed in their appliances. The company’s refrigerators, washers, and ovens come equipped with advanced features that are designed to not only improve efficiency but also, optimize time, cost, and energy so that people can prioritize their health and well-being.

Most household washing machines offer standard settings that are not enough to sanitize attires, according to Beko Philippines assistant general manager Dyeun Zapanta. Together with ineffective laundry methods, viruses could then spread in the washer, latch onto fabrics and eventually target family members, contributing to the cases of colds and flu.

Zapanta advises families to focus on procedures that effectively remove germs and other viruses in dirty laundry piles and, use the advantages of efficient washers to safeguard the entire household against all forms of sickness.

Advanced technologies in washers can also effectively launder and sanitize clothes without ruining attires. With the WMY101440LB1 AquaWave® technology, laundry pieces are massaged in a gentle wave-like manner through a set of paddles in the system. This ensures that the properties of antibacterial laundry detergents and other cleaning agents are administered in all areas of the fabric, while the washer saves energy.

The WMY101440LB1 also features its OptiSense® technology, which uses three smart sensors to automatically pick the proper program and washing duration of clothes, optimizing wash cycles. Another sensor also protects the machine by cutting the power off whenever it detects sudden voltage surges while the Automatic Water Control System adjusts water levels in the washer, depending on the size and type of clothes placed.

Prevent young ones from changing the current washing program by activating a Child Lock option in the WMY101440LB1. To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at or follow them on their Facebook page:

Meanwhile, here is a clip from Beko Philippines:

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