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5 tips on how to prepare healthy holiday party for the family

Beko Philippines

A party at home during holidays should be not only memorable and fun but also healthy. Home appliances brand Beko Philippines listed five simple tips and tricks to on how to prepare a house party while promoting health and wellness for the family.

  1. Shop early to beat the rush.

Going to the stores as early as now can liberate you from the tights and cramps of the holiday rush. The items needed for the may also be cheaper and still available as compared when they are bought on the holidays.


  1. Budget the spend.

Set only a price that can be spent and list the things are needed to be bought. By doing so, impulsive buying and mental anxiety can be avoided and save up some cash when the holiday ends.


  1. Fuel the fun with food.

An ingredient of a great party is good food, which keeps the party alive and well as people would not be participating in they are hungry. Vegetables, legumes, fruits bread cereal, rice, pasta, lean meats, kinds of seafood, milk yogurt and natural cheese are the go-to healthy ingredients to a party without the panic for the menus are organic.


  1. Make the party healthy binges.

Make sure that the party food binges are healthy. Keep away from serving artificial or ready-made foods that are too fatty, sugary and oily so the menu should be with the organics of the lean and green.


  1. Utilize the right appliances.

The holidays can be a real tasking so the appliances used should help maximize efficiency and productivity in preparing dishes for the holiday party. Instead of tiring the people at home, these appliances should free them from worries.

When cooking, the right cookers can provide a significant aid, especially when it comes to doing multiple dishes. Thankfully, some cookers now come with features to address this problem.


To efficiently cook healthy food for the family on holidays, try Beko’s freestanding cooker FVR62630DXDTL with Split&Cook® technology. This technology splits the oven in two, which allows cooking two different dishes at the same time at two different temperatures by removing the divider the user can take advantage of the huge single oven capacity too.

Beko offers a wide range of freestanding and built-in cooking products that allow cooking freely for all different healthy tastes for the family’s healthy celebration needs. For a bigger fresh storage space, the GN162123P side by side refrigerator has features such as the NeoFrost™ technology that provides balanced circulation of cooling and a separate airflow to avoid cross contamination.

The GN162123P has an Active Fresh blue light that helps fruits and veggies continue photosynthesizing thus, protecting vitamin C intensity and its flavor. It comes with an Ion Guard to eliminate unwanted odors by circulating negative ions to neutralize bacteria and particles that cause bad odor inside the refrigerator.

Beko’s products prioritize health and well-being with its technologies that improve efficiency, optimizing time, costs, and energy in the household. To learn more about the brand and its technologies, visit or follow them on their Facebook page:

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