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5 reasons why you should still keep a photo book

photo album

In today’s time, almost everything we do can now be enjoyed through technology. Our devices can now keep bulks of photos for us. We can easily share our recent photos (and even the throwback ones) to family and friends through social media. 

With this innovation, plenty of people have lost interest in keeping a photo book. But in this era where people still crave for the innocent joys of the past, photo books are still alive and kicking. 

If you’re one of these people who crave for something to take you back from the good parts of the past, photo books are the way to go. Here are 5 good reasons why you should still keep a photo book today.

1. Photo books have stood the test of time.

Technology today may provide us more convenient ways to store and share our photos, but there are still some downsides to it that an old-school photo album can fix.

For instance, if a virus appears on your computer, laptop, or phone, and erases or corrupts all of your files, you’re left with nothing but regret for the loss of your treasured photos. 

Even if you store them in cloud storage platforms, or they’re posted on an online gallery, you still can’t access them without internet and electricity.

With photo books, the only thing you need to view your photos is your desire to leaf through your memories once again. They have been proven to carry your memories from generation to generation. 

It’s also the major reason why our grandparents will always go for photo books rather than storing photos on smartphones or any other devices. They might wash out in time, but the memories are still there. 

2. Nothing beats appreciating your photos on print.

The reason why you need to keep a photo book is the same reason why you might still prefer to buy a book when you have a Kindle at hand. Or why people still buy polaroid cameras even when they have smartphones with better resolutions. 

Viewing photos on whatever device you’re on is convenient, but it’s nothing compared to viewing them on a printed version. You can’t help but feel excited for whatever surprise the next page has in store, even if you already know these memories by heart. It’s like taking a tour of the best parts of your past, laid out the creative way.

3. They’re great conversation sparkers.

No matter what generation you came in, nobody can resist sitting down and preparing their hearts and stories whenever they see someone opening a photo book and starting to recollect the stories from the past. 

It’s a great bonding experience to go back to the younger versions of your family through photos, remembering the mischiefs, failures, lessons, and the relationships formed through time. Then, you’ll all think about what each of you are doing now – what careers you have pursued, how many of you are married and have kids, that sort of stuff. 

photo album

4. It’s the perfect way to let your creativity loose.

Another good thing with photo books is that you have full control of how it would turn out to be. You decide what the theme would be, how the layout would look like, what photos go with the output, and even put some stickers, texts or other playful designs. It’s your sandbox, and you have the final say on what it would look like. 

Planning to have a photo book also helps you plan a theme for your work. For example, if you’re a travel photographer, you can have an idea of what pictures to take and how you’ll sequence them later on so you can tell your adventures through photos. 

5. They give you a brief time-out from the distractions of the world

The best thing about photo books is that there aren’t any visual distractions to take you away from your break time from the world. Not like with smartphones, where every time you attempt to reminisce on some of your photos, you get distracted by notifications popping up every minute. Your attention is taken away that you forgot you picked up your phone to look at some photos. 

With photo books, the only one distraction you’ll come across is the temptation to daydream with your memories, wishing to go back to that certain point in your life and experience the same joy for the second time. 

Other than that, you’re free to enjoy some time off from the stress of the real world and enjoy the mementos of your good memories. 

photo album

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